Pet Sun – Gimme Your Soul (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl


Pet Sun’s Feel Like I’m Going Away EP arrives on a wave of buzz that’s been accumulating around the band since earlier this year. All six songs indicate that the early praise for Pet Sun wasn’t a fluke; the band’s capitalizing on their promise with a swaggering confidence. Not a band to sit still, they’ve already released a second music video following the psychedelic collage that came out a few weeks back for the EP’s title track. While they haven’t abandoned the lo-fi aspect that their first video so readily embraced, they don’t really need to- it’s a perfect complement for their rough-hewn take on basement punk.

“Gimme Your Soul” isn’t made up of much- there’s paint splatter, home video clips, and a few stray animations. There’s an easygoing, naturalistic feel to clashing elements that can frequently feel like they’re at odds with each other. Somehow the superimposed imagery doesn’t undercut the value of the background clips, while the background clips don’t outweigh any of the effects. It’s a fairly impressive balancing act in a video that manages to retain a thrown-off vibe. It’s all over in less than 90 seconds but it’s a surprisingly entertaining trip while it lasts- and another good example of why this is band’s worth the attention they’ve been receiving.

Watch “Gimme Your Soul” below and order Feel Like I’m Going Away from Sleepless Records here.