Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Televan (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl


Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is a name that’s been appearing with a greater regularity the past few months. Whether this is due to making the most out of their tour appearances, the ridiculous strength of this year’s excellent Party Jail, or the fact that they’re excelling at something that just about no one else is attempting is difficult to tell. Most likely, it’s just a combination of all three. They’re a band that no one’s likely to forget after coming across them because they keep coming out with things that are truly memorable- the latest of which being the music video for “Televan”.

Reflecting the band’s jackknife post-punk to near-perfection (as well as their minimalism), “Televan” features two primary clips. Centering around nothing more than an assortment of shadowy close-ups of Schrader mouthing the lyrics in a one-shot and a collage of rapid-fire still shots behind a font displaying “DO THE TELEVAN” that makes it appear as if they’re permanently suspended in mid-air, it still somehow manages to be unrelentingly hypnotic. Breaking things up are some half-lit shots of bassist Devlin Schrader laying into his bass, rivaling the intensity that Schrader brings to his singing (which is a considerable amount). It’s a low-budget affair that hits with maximum impact, keeping the viewer entranced while expertly showcasing the song. Not a bad next entry for a band that seems intent on constantly one-upping themselves.

Watch “Televan” below and order Party Jail from the increasingly great Infinity Cat here.