The Midwest Beat – Vortex Hole (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


The Midwest Beat are a Wisconsin institution. They’ve been a band for nearly a decade and have been one of this state’s more celebrated acts (especially among the in-state bands) for nearly as long. Members have come and gone but the band’s sound has subtly progressed while remaining relatively close to the sugary punk-tinged powerpop of their earliest stages. Sure, there’s an alt-Americana bent that intrudes every so often but this is still, quite clearly, The Midwest Beat.

Free of Being is the band’s 10th release and “Vortex Hole”, the band’s most recent glimpse at the record, plays with a confidence that lives up to those numbers. It doesn’t even hit the 90 second mark but it leaves a considerable mark despite its micro nature. All of the hooks land and the chorus is a hum-worthy earworm that’s another great example of the band’s best side. Topping everything off are some tasteful backing vocals and a brief guitar solo that brings Mike Bloomfield to mind. It’s another characteristically triumphant track from a band that has a seemingly endless supply of them at their disposal. If the rest of Free of Being isn’t overshadowed by this, they just might have made one of their best records.

Listen to “Vortex Hole” below and pick up Free of Being from Dusty Medical Records when it gets released next month.