Mean Creek – Anxiety Girl (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl


There are literally not enough nice things to be said about Mean Creek. Their fourth record, Local Losers, is their strongest yet. Touching on key points of emphasis from all the right genres, they’ve managed to create a very clear highlight in an increasingly competitive year. One of that record’s strongest selling points was “Anxiety Girl”, which saw the Boston quartet indulging their most aggressive sides and winding up with a vicious stunner. Now, that blissful fuzzed-out beast of a track has an appropriately frenetic music video to accompany it.

“Anxiety Girl” as a video is as direct and to the point as the song itself. There’s a lo-fi feel that permeates throughout the clip, which features little more than the band tearing their way through the song in a seemingly abandoned house that has an army of static-displaying televisions as an interior backdrop. Beer’s chugged and spit out, instruments are beaten half to death, and everyone walks away delighted. The final stinger puts the whole thing over the top and makes a fairly compelling case for 2014 being Mean Creek’s year.

Watch “Anxiety Girl” below and host a living room show this summer.