Gold-Bears – For You (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Gold-bears have been striking all the right notes as of late, with each tease of their upcoming Dalliance drawing more and more attention from all the right places. For good reason, too, as evidenced by “For You” this band has tapped into something worth celebrating. Existing in some sort of intersection between the gone-too-soon Four Eyes and the institution that is Radiator Hospital, “For You” is an all-out blitz of scuzzed-out modern influence. The song at it’s most basic finds the band reverting to one chord and managing to turn that into a punishing progression as they absolutely annihilate it with riff-heavy freakouts before reverting back to basics. When the bells kick in at the end, it transforms into something genuinely exhilarating.

“For You”, on its own, warranted an exploration of the band’s debut Are You Falling in Love?,which certainly had its moments, but Dalliance looks to be an incredible improvement on that still relatively strong record. If the rest of the record can stack up to “For You”, then the band will have handily avoided the sophomore slump by crafting what may actually wind up being a surprise Album of the Year contender. One thing’s for sure, all early indications are pointing to Dalliance (which will be out June 3 via Slumberland)  being a record that’s worth holding onto for a very, very long time.

Listen to “For You” below and make sure it helps soundtrack at least one road trip.