Vaadat Charigim – Ein Nehama Ladoachim (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Vaadat Charigim released one of 2013’s best tapes with The World Is Well Lost and since that Burger release, they’ve released stunning videos for “Odisea” and “Kezef Al Hamayim“. Just recently, the Tel Aviv band unveiled another video for The World Is Well Lost‘s sl0w-burning “Ein Nehama Ladoachim”, which may be their most singular visual piece to date. It’s a striking clip, to be sure, that features the band playing the song in an abandoned mall. There’s an emphasis on transcendent Kaminski-indebted cinematography, allowing an eerie tension to permeate the clip. That tension is elevated to another level when paired with the record’s commentary-heavy lyrics.

Many of the songs on The World Is Well Lost deal with wars both personal and political, in one way or another. With that knowledge, an abandoned building suddenly becomes a haunted shelter, a clip of a hovering plane becomes foreshadowing, Hello Kitty transforms from a beloved children’s icon into a cruel reminder, and the very act of music suddenly becomes a personal brand of activism. These elements are things that Vaadat Charigim not only understand but thrive on. It’s those same principles that make their music necessary listening and their videos necessary viewing. When art can function on multiple levels and stand for something as important as a call for peace, kindness, and personal independence- no matter how basic- it’s worth celebrating. Watch “Ein Nehama Ladoachim” below.