DTCV – Alpha Waves in a Gelatinous Conductor (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Earlier this week Burger Records released DTCV’s excellent new record, Hilarious Heaven, on tape and made it available for streaming. While all 26 songs on Hilarious Heaven are worth spending a lot of time with, there are a few that manage to truly stand out. The brilliantly named “Alpha Waves in a Gelatinous Conductor” is one of those songs, which may very well be why the band decided to give it a music video. In the clip for “Alpha Waves in a Gelatinous Conductor” new footage gets filtered through an old lens, suggesting a wistful nostalgia that’s in keeping with its soft climactic feel. Both aesthetics play off each other extraordinarily well, with neither coming across as detrimental to the other in the slightest. For a mid-record song, “Alpha Waves in a Gelatinous Conductor” packs the punch of a huge penultimate one- or even something that’s fashioned as an epilogue or intended for a closing reel.  The implementation of the hazy home-video effect works perfectly in that regard, leaving “Alpha Waves in a Gelatinous Conductor” a very appetizing first taste of Hilarious Heaven, which boasts enough intrigue to spark a serious amount of interest. Watch it below.