Cloud Nothings Preview New Record in Brooklyn

by Steven Spoerl

“This is the best song they’ve ever written. This song right here? So fucking good.” That quote comes from an anonymous concertgoer right before Cloud Nothings kick into “I’m Not Part of Me” capping off an 8-song run of entirely new songs at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. From the (admittedly muffled) sounds of “I’m Not Part of Me”, whoever said that just might be onto something. The song is one of the band’s most dynamic and melodic, as scorching as anything on Attack On Memory while blending in a sense of new-found freedom that elevates it into wide-lens majesty. While the four songs from Attack On Memory that follow it sound as extraordinary as ever, the seven songs that precede “I’m Not Part of Me” sit comfortably alongside the final stretch.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this yet-to-be-named record is the fact that it seems to comfortably marry their newer darker tendencies with the undeniable pop sensibilities of frontman Dylan Baldi’s earlier Cloud Nothings work back when it was a solo venture. Both sides of the band seem to have been maximized to make a deeper impact- and it works. Everything on display here feels like a band that’s coming into their own, finding unparalleled success in the pursuit of evolving their voice. This is absolute must-listen material across the board. When the record finally does arrive, there’s little to no doubt that it’ll make a strong, bruising case for year-end honors. Consequence of Sound is hosting the exclusive Soundcloud stream of the set, which can be accessed here.

UPDATE: The stream has unfortunately been taken down for the foreseeable future. Apologies for any raised hopes. Salute anyone that’s holding out for the string of miracles that would be necessary to bring the stream back. Join them in their impassioned rain dances, just for the hell of it. Who knows, could end up doing the trick. In any case, those raised hopes previously mentioned? Absolutely warranted. Expect a monster of a record. This won’t be the last post about this record in this space. Guaranteed.