Nothing – Guilty of Everything (Trailer)

by Steven Spoerl

Post-punk/shoegaze darlings Nothing have ridden as ascending wave of buzz to the point where (very) basic slideshow teaser trailer for their upcoming Guilty of Everything LP is actually newsworthy. Time and time again, the levels of expectation the band’s currently been corralled into have led to immediate high praise before claims of diminishing returns. Fortunately, Nothings have been around for long enough now to know this and seemed as poised as ever coming into the release period of Guilty of Everything. If the brief-but-tantalizing teaser is actually featuring a selection that’s a true indication of the record’s overall direction, Nothing are on the verge of releasing their most poised (and darkest) work to date. Watch the trailer below and get excited for the release of Guilty of Everything via Relapse Records on February 28th in Germany, Finland, and Benelux, March 3rd in the UK and most of the rest world, and March 4th in the US.