Beyond Inversion Available at Bandcamp

by Steven Spoerl

V/A Beyond Inversion: A Benefit for Rachael's Women Center in DC cover art

With the year-end season officially descended onto the realms of music journalism, all of the coverage will invariably tilt that way. Unfortunately, this pulls away from any of the stories bubbling under in the month of December. Traditions are traditions for a reason, though, and year-end lists have always been one of the most fun. It’s a celebration of music and invites a strengthened communal aspects into the world of discussion regarding personal favorites. Everyone makes a mixtape for everyone else and most walk away with more music than they came to the table with.

All of that said, it’d be painfully uncouth to not shine a light on the things that deserved to be pulled up to public attention. Beyond Inversion has had its share of posts dedicated to it on this very site and may even get a few more. This one is to provide an update; the entire compilation is now available as a name-your-price release via Accidental Guest’s bandcamp. Rookie had already made the compilation available for streaming but it’s a collection deserving of year-end attention and this model allows for additional donations to be made towards Rachael’s Women’s Center.

Get in the spirit of giving. Share this mix, support this cause, and spread it around as much as you can. It’s not every day that a release of this quality, especially in this sort of genre field, lines up with something this honorable. Additionally, everyone benefits. The listener gets an incredible compilation, the artists included on it get extended coverage- and a small publicity boost, the label gets recognition, the curators get a large amount of respect, and the women struggling with (and attempting to recover from) homelessness get some much needed financial assistance.

Head on over to Accidental Guest’s bandcamp page now to hear the mix and make any potential donation before the pre-ordered tapes start arriving in mailboxes and provide a small donation. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the music. Beyond Inversion’s likely to be one of the best mixes to be made available this month.