On the Up: Meat Wave

by Steven Spoerl

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for family, friends, and food. Which is in part what inspired today’s pick for the On the Up series: Chicago scrappers Meat Wave. They’re an aggressive counterpoint to bands dabbling in 90’s revivalism and don’t sound like too many others bands out there. That alone would make them stand out but the musicianship coming out of the Meat Wave camp is astounding.

It’s been a year since they’ve released their self-titled via Let’s Pretend records and they’ve been anything but quiet since. Playing their hometown frequently, that nine song collection has been given more breathing room. All of the songs reward return visits and can offer a much needed jolt of energy. Meat Wave may be aggressive but they’re also surprisingly poppy, finding a counterbalance that should endear them to fans of several of punk’s subsets.

Eat some turkey tonight and crank Meat Wave (below) as loud as humanly possible.

Happy Thanksgiving.