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2015: A Visual Retrospective, Vol. 7


Throughout the course of 2015 I’ve been fortunate enough to attend upwards of 100 shows, festivals big and small, and spend approximately half a year living in a city that hosted a mind-boggling amount of quality shows on a nightly basis. To that end, it’s probably unsurprising that I wound up taking over 10,000 photos this year alone. Over the course of the next few days, this site will be running seven volumes of the shots that stood out as personal favorites, whether that was due to their composition, sentimental attachment, or an intangible emotional or intellectual response. It’s been an honor to be able to take even the smallest part in the ongoing sagas of the artists in the photographs below and an additional thanks is due to the venues that allowed me to shoot (as well as the people who encouraged me to keep shooting).

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Enjoy the gallery.


Bleeding Rainbow – Images (Music Video)

Bleeding Rainbow keep adding onto what’s already one of the year’s more impressive lead-up campaigns for their upcoming Kanine debut, Interrupt. A trio of tracks from the record have already been released into the world and “Images” is now the second to get a music video (“So You Know” was the first). “Images”, like “Paper the House“, is another performance clip video- only this is a much more involved variant. That the band decides to emphasize their visuals for “Images” isn’t surprising considering the title- what is surprising is how well the video suits the song. There’s a definite sense of unease that permeates a lot of Bleeding Rainbow’s work (something that seems to get amplified in accordance with how frenetic they get) but paired with color-tinted hallucinatory visuals, that unease quickly elevates to a focal point. All of the overlays, superimposed moving one shots, and sly delays combine to make “Images” a surprisingly memorable experience. Watch it below and give in to its tricks; it’s one hell of a ride.