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Summer Twins – Carefree (Music Video)

Valentine’s Day is unavoidable. This is one of life’s many facts. It’s not without its options, though. Someone meeting it with joy and openness is just as likely to happen as a person reacting to it with unreserved bitterness and cynicism. No matter what the situation is, there tends to be something to celebrate- it just needs to be looked for. Today, at least on the music front, it was relatively slow-going apart from Perfect Pussy saying yes to love and the purchasing public saying yes to pre-orders of that record and a few more folks saying yes to clear vinyl copies that were swirled with Meredith Graves‘ menstrual blood.  Then, Heartbreaking Bravery was gifted with an assortment of things this site loves unconditionally, one of them being the gift-givers responsible; Burger act Summer Twins.

Having already secured their spot in the 25 Best… year-end list that ran at the start of last month, the band’s now offered up a sun-splashed music video for Forget Me highlight “Carefree”. In a recent video from Great Cynics, a lot of words were spent here emphasizing the symbolism of something as trivial as a swimming pool. In that write-up, swimming pools were posited as a stand-in for the impermanence (and subsequent celebration) of youth. In “Carefree”, Chelsea and Justine Brown seem content to maximize the incredibly difficult area of youth retention with stunning poignancy and grace. Everything here is bathed in warmth, whether it be any of the video or audio aspects presented, and it makes for a beautiful experience- and Valentine’s day or not, a beautiful experience is something always worth having. Watch “Carefree” below and start counting down the days to summer.

Great Cynics – Whatever You Want (Music Video)

Youth is an evasive object. It’s impermanence is something that many struggle with in a myriad of ways; how to utilize it, how to escape it, and how to recapture it. That being said, there are images and objects that feel helplessly, intrinsically connected to youth. One such staple has always been swimming pools, perpetually present throughout the growing process and brimming with ceaseless appeal. From swimming lessons to sexual awakenings to blackout-drunk parties, they always seem to be present. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been drained and turned into skating havens or kept full of chlorinated water, they’ve always seemed to attract young life. Great Cynics and director/editor Andrew Johnson, whether they’ve realized it or not, have just presented a fully-realized sense of youth with their video for “Whatever You Want”, a song from their upcoming split 12″ with Muncie Girls.

A series of black-and-white performance clips are intercut with footage of the band on the street to begin the video, establishing a sense of progress early on. Before long, though, the band’s kicked “Whatever You Want” into high gear while the footage finds itself unable to move past where the band was headed all along; the swimming pool. Throw in the fact that Great Cynics seem to derive most of their influences from 90’s alt. bands, in a manner very similar to Cheap Girls, and suddenly nostalgia and youth are thrown together as unwitting dancing partners. This sudden culmination hits a peak near the video’s mid-section and the clip becomes vibrantly alive, a perfect reflection of living for the sake of living. In the end, “Whatever You Want” stands up as both easily digestible entertainment on its surface and a gorgeous ode to youth in its subtext.  Watch “Whatever You Want” below and go swimming sometime soon.