Empath – Roses That Cry (Stream)

Garrett Koloski‘s drumming never quite got the credit it was due back when it was transforming Perfect Pussy into a snarling powerhouse. There’s a level of precision in the chaotic immediacy of the work Koloski was doing behind the kit that not many drummers can match and that’s a trait that’s carried over to Empath, who continue to be on an absolute tear. Every song the band’s released has bested their previous work and “Hanging Out of Cars” and “Roses That Cry” now stand as an impressive pinnacle.

The latter of which is the band balancing its most playful pop sensibilities with its most vicious punk characteristics. Blown-out, catchy, and extraordinarily engaging, “Roses That Cry” approaches something transcendental as it swirls, seethes, and surges towards a punishing climax that rattles the bones. As everything deteriorates in the final seconds, there’s a stray laugh, offering an unlikely out from the blistering storm, topping off something that feels like it’s good for the soul.

Listen to “Roses That Cry” below and pre-order Active Listening: Night On Earth here.