WASHA – Night/Day (Music Video Premiere)


Every  so often, an offer to premiere something from an emerging artist lands in my inbox. Frequently, it’ll be the first I’ve heard of the artist and rarely will it be something that fits this site’s focus. So the moments when those offers actually hit their target, they hit especially hard. Enter: WASHA and the music video for “Night/Day”. Coming in advance of the artist’s upcoming full-length, The Bright.

The project of Dwight Pendleton, WASHA operates most frequently in a morose-leaning bedroom pop mode but continuously finds moments that allow for hope. WASHA also feels, even more than its contemporaries, like a deeply personal journey of self-discovery. “Night/Day” presents all of this and more in a 4:3 ratio that suggest an underlying self-awareness of historical context. Finding subtle ways to showcase the execution, process, and circumstance of an intimate performance, “Night/Day” far exceeds something that seems ostensibly simplistic at first glance to become far more nuanced and meaningful. Strung all together through a muted color palette that complements the song’s downtrodden atmosphere to thrilling effect, “Night/Day” effectively becomes a very tantalizing first look at a project worth anticipating.

Watch “Night/Day” below and keep an eye on this site for ongoing news about WASHA and The Bright.