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Tumul – Nature Master (Music Video)

Let’s get this out of the way at the top; Tumul are not a conventional band in any way, shape, or form. There are times when the band’s live presentation will teeter on a very thin line that separates the grounded from the avant. There’s always an element of futurism that’s present in their ambient/drone works and their just-released music video for “Nature Master” expertly showcases that aspect of their presentation. Directed and lensed by Mike Turzanski (who was also behind Green Dreams’ “Bug Sex” video), “Nature Master” is rife with translucent hues of white and purple. Tumul themselves, long lost twins Joe Tunis (who runs Carbon Records) and Camburger Fahresh, spend the entirety of the video wandering a desolate, wintry landscape.

Despite- or in fact maybe because of- the lack of discernible plot, in addition to the disquieting nature of something so reliant on tension, “Nature Master” becomes a piece of art that’s nearly impossible to be torn away from. Clad in matching white suits that fall in line with classic B-Movie depictions of a totalitarian future, Tumul engage in a few moments of connectivity, wrapping each outfit around the other. In seemingly any other situation, these acts would seem ridiculous- paired with the disquieting atmosphere of “Nature Master” itself, it takes on the feel of a sacred ritual. It’s a stunning display of clearly refined minimalism and something that’s difficult to shake. Watch it below and start coming up with theories on what it all means- or if it means anything at all.

Green Dreams – Bug Sex (Music Video)

Green Dreams is a name that’s been coming up in all of the right places. This isn’t a mistake. Their last LP, Sweats (artwork above), was a feverishly gnarled slab of the kind of punk that flirts with sludge as much as it does with basement pop. Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves has been pushing them in just about every interview she’s done lately and it looks like the appreciation is mutual- Green Dreams is currently prepping for an upcoming tour with Perfect Pussy and “noh-wave” weirdo-poppers Yamatanka // Sonic Titan. Green Dreams continues to make a considerable impression today, with the recent unveiling of the Mike Turzanski-directed music video for “Bug Sex”.

“Bug Sex”, as a song, features many of the band’s most prominent features: impassioned vocals, aggressive guitar work, power drumming, an ominous bassline, a fairly dark atmosphere, scattershot riffing, and hard-hitting breakdowns. As a video? It’s got one foot firmly planted in film noir, while the other navigates what’s ostensibly a procedural thriller With some subtle visual assistance from Dr. Hamburger, what really winds up pushing this video to the next level is some absolutely gorgeous cinematography work. Nearly everything’s shot in the shadows, with the final blanketed live performance shots being among both the year’s cleverest and outright best. Both the loose FBI detective murder-mystery story and the song’s propulsive forcefulness combine to make “Bug Sex” a very gripping and immediate experience. Watch it below and be on the lookout for the band’s upcoming RICH MAN/POOR MAN 7″.