Sat. Nite Duets – Deep Peace (Music Video Premiere)

A lot of outstanding records were released last year and a handful of them wound up getting pushed to the wayside in favor of titles by more recognizable names. Among the best of those critically acclaimed outcasts was Sat. Nite Duets‘ Air Guitar, an innovative and explosive genre-demolishing blast that proved guitars could still be vital. Air Guitar was full of highlights, from the surging, giddy “Attached to the Lamp” to the acoustic-driven, nostalgic-leaning pop of “Sober July”.

One of Air Guitar‘s most unassuming moments came in the form of “Deep Peace”, the record’s melancholic penultimate track. While “Deep Peace” never seemed to be a song that was crying out for the music video treatment, Sat. Nite Duets have made a career out of eschewing the obvious decisions in favor of something more exploratory. Wrangling the talents of a trio of directors using the names Pizza Rat, Lord Stephen, and L.H. Burmesch, Sat. Nite Duets are given an appropriately minimalist turn for the visual treatment provided to “Deep Peace”, which is premiering below.

Recorded in Sat. Nite Duets member Ben Gucciardi’s Oconomowoc cabin last winter, “Deep Peace” is a decidedly low-key affair. Allowing the time stamp on some grainy home video footage to humorously jump backwards and forwards in time, the subjects of the film never really change, either slyly hinting at immortality — something that could be supported by the frequent cuts to the band surrounding a birthday cake adorned with an intense amount of candles — or just reveling in the simplistic absurdity of the anachronism. It’s a warm, tongue-in-cheek aspect of a similarly warm video.

More than anything, “Deep Peace” serves as a welcome reminder that sometimes the best thing about making music is simply getting to spend time with your friends. It’s immediately clear that the band enjoyed putting this together and there’s not even a trace of conflict to be found in “Deep Peace”, which turns out to be an incredibly apt title. “Deep Peace” is a familial affair that offers up an abundance of small riches, all anyone has to do is take the time to look.

Watch “Deep Peace” below and pick up Air Guitar from Father/Daughter here.