Penelope Isles – Leipzig (Music Video)

Penelope Isles craft something uniquely charming on “Leipzig”, a track that carries influences like Deerhoof proudly on its sleeve while providing the band a distinct claim on their own territory. Warped slacker pop that crackles with warmth, fuzz, and syrupy synth tones, the track’s been afforded a magical clip, awash and faded in soft saturation. Subsisting of nothing more than footage of the band making their way through the song in the woods, cut through with a few shots of individual members miming along to the track in city streets, “Leipzig” comes off as immediately affable and endlessly welcoming. It’s a strong showing from a band that’s more than prepared to win over a small army of hearts as they take flight.

Watch “Leipzig” below and pre-orderĀ Until The Tide Creeps InĀ from Bella Union here.