Avid Dancer – All Your Words Are Gone (Music Video)


Anyone who’s read anything on this site this month has likely come across a slew of great music videos that were cataloged in the First Quarter Clips video mixtapes. Tonight will be dedicated to two of the year’s very finest, neither of which have made an appearance on the site before (which also holds true for the artists responsible for their creation). First up is Avid Dancer’s unfailingly lovely clip for “All Your Words Are Gone”. Jacob Summers, the man behind the project, served as a Marine for four years and frequently utilizes that cultural upbringing for his music (strengthening the subtext of his songs considerably), which is often as moving as it is tender. It’s that exact spot where “All Your Words Are Gone”- both the song and the video- set up camp. A fragile reminder of how to make life worthwhile, it’s a song that emphasizes Summers’ most defining element: his sincerity. Endearing in its sense of hope, the song’s given a high-impact visual treatment that draws its inspirations from pop art to beautiful effect. Soft tones, homemade crafts, and shy smiles punctuate the clip, lending it a lovingly lived-in feel. Clever asides and egalitarian principles are at the core of both Summers’ song and it’s Claire Marie Vogel-directed clip, easily securing it a spot as one of the best of 2015’s earliest stretch.

Watch “All Your Words Are Gone” below and pre-order 1st Bath– the record it’s taken from- here.