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Young Widows – King Sol (Stream)

Due to some recurring technical problems (which have hopefully been permanently resolved) Heartbreaking Bravery was forced into a brief hiatus. During that time, a lot of worthwhile material was released. Even though the songs from Mikal Cronin, People’s TempleAmen DunesEx-Cult, Odonis Odonis, Hamilton LeithauserRuined Fortune, OFF!, Sheer Mag,  and the videos from King Khan & the Shrines, The Hold SteadyTokyo Police Club, and especially Fear of Men made strong impressions, none of them stood out as strongly as Young Widows’ breathtakingly massive “King Sol”.

Young Widows have been teasing material for Easy Pain for a while now and each new reveal has been more impressive than the last. This pattern holds especially true for “King Sol”, which just may be the best thing the band has ever done. A slow and suffocating sense of dread permeates throughout the track as it grows more menacing, making it reminiscent of Swans at their absolute best. It’s a monumental step for the band, deftly incorporating all of their strengths into a towering, masterfully produced, whole. “Set fire at the witching hour; and now I’m free” is a small part of the song’s terrifying conclusion before it gives way to an ambient epilogue. When all falls to a final quiet, it’s as if the band’s allowed a release from their stranglehold and are finally granting an intake of air. Once everything’s righted itself and their all-too-convincing world-building has slowly evaporated, one thing becomes abundantly clear: when Easy Pain finally gets released , it’ll be something to reckon with.

Hear “King Sol” below and pre-order Easy Pain from Temporary Residence ahead of its May 13th release date.

Watch This: Vol. 2

Welcome to the second weekly installment of Watch This, where clips of bands playing live get highlighted. This week there’s a few full sets, a lot of user shot material, and enough great music to fill a cold Sunday afternoon. Enough formalities. Here are the clips.

1. Perfect Pussy live at 285 Kent

UnARTigNYC recently made a trip over to the legendary Brooklyn venue to shoot an entire set of one of Heartbreaking Bravery’s favorite bands; Perfect Pussy. The amount of feedback in the clip is almost overwhelming but Perfect Pussy exude passion and sincerity throughout. This is necessary viewing of a band that’s going to force people to reckon with them, whether they like it or not.

2. Midnight Reruns at Cactus Club (Record Release Show)

Midnight Reruns recently put out one of the year’s best records. To celebrate this the band played Milwaukee’s Cactus Club. Good Land Records had someone on hand to film the entire thing, which is worth going through. Since the show’s split into several videos, “Grand Slam” was chosen to represent them since it’s the greatest Thanksgiving song in forever.

3. King Khan & the Shrines – Thorn in Her Pride (Live on 89.3 The Current)

The Current has consistently proven itself to be one of the best radio stations operating in America and their video archives are certainly a good reflection of their high quality. They recently invited King Khan & the Shrines in for a song and the results are well worth watching. Take a look.

4. Benny the Jet Rodriguez (Live at Fest 12)

Razorcake has been a safe haven for emerging punk artists for several years now, providing indiscriminate coverage for the artists they believe in. Benny the Jet Rodriguez, whose recent “Run.” video was featured by this very site, happens to be one of those bands. It’s easy to see why Razorcake would take interest in them from this short clip of them playing the most recent Fest in Gainesville, FL.

5. Tenement (Live at Fest 12)

For information about Razorcake, see the blurb above this one. They know Tenement is the best band, Heartbreaking Bravery knows they’re the best band, and even Meredith Graves (from Perfect Pussy) knows they’re the best band. Make sure to watch all three clips of them for more irrefutable evidence. Enjoy the sight of Dillinger Four’s Patrick Costello making the set an even more unique experience for everyone. “Spit in the Wind” was chosen as the featured video as it’s the best Christmas song. Enjoy.