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Full Streams of the First Quarter: The Honorable Mentions

Technical difficulties forced Heartbreaking Bravery into an effective hiatus at the start of the year but, even through the visible inaction, behind-the-scenes work continued in earnest. Various outlets depths were exhausted, the site’s inbox maintained its regular flood of releases, and everything else that emerged was meticulously examined. Over the course of 2017’s first quarter (minus a week or so), more than 100 great records were released. 10 will be spotlighted in the very near future and the rest of the releases that caused a positive reaction can be found below. Enjoy.

Cool American, Alexander F, The Courtneys, Single Player, Schlotman, Street Stains, Thurst, Teenage Wedding, oso oso, Sam Skinner, Thelma, Wild Pink, Toby Reif, Omni, Pissed Jeans, Baked, WHY?, Neutral Shirt, Hideout, SSWAMPZZ, Boosegumps, Maryn Jones, Luxury Death, UV-TV, Ron Gallo, Matty Ann, Communions, Hanni El Khatib, Vagabon, So Stressed, The Paranoyds, Middle Kids, David Bazan, Toner, minihorse, Fucked Up, Olive & The Pitz, Boreen, Two Moons, wayde, The Spirit of the Beehive

Lunch Ladies, Heavy Pockets, Layperson, Little Person, Laura Marling, Chick Quest, Tobin Spout, Tall Friend, Caitlin Pasko, The Molochs, Trust Fund, Pinegrove
 Radula, Sinai Vessel, CARE, Michael Chapman, Jamie Wyatt, The Modern Savage, Analog CandleLouise Lemón, Heart Attack Man, Matthew Lee Cothran, Retail Space, The Cherry Wave, Frederick the Younger, No Thank You, Railings, Crushed Stars, Fragrance., ShitKid, Joan of Arc, Jim O’Rourke, Black Kids, Knife in the Water, bvdub

The Ocean Party, VICTIME, Career Suicide, Dead Man Winter, Lindenfield, Loess, Redshift Headlights, Balto, Angelus, Fufanu, French Vanilla, The Wild War, Turn to Crime, Souvenir Driver, Stinking Lizaveta, Matteo Vallicelli, Milk Music, Caroline Spence, NAVVI, Cody Crumps, Exasperation, Xiu Xiu, Damaged Bug, Winston Hightower, Kim Free, Kikagaku Moyo, Lilah Larson, Appalache, Eric Burnham, Party of One, Noveller, sir Was, R. Missing, Yawn Mower, Moral Panic, Auditorium, The Pantheon, The Obsessives

Dakota Blue, Skullflower, My Education, Lowlands, Half Waif, Trevor de Brauw, Strange RangerOnce & Future Band, DONCAT, The Visis, Blank Range, Transona Five100%/Joyce Manor, and Dead Tenants/Drome.

A special mention should also be given to these five compilations, all supporting worthy causes: Our First 100 Days (at the time of this writing, this release is still being updated), Sad! A Barsuk Records Compilation for the ACLU, Is There Another Language?, Save the Smell, and Don’t Stop NowA Collection of Covers.

Inside Voices – Nomad: Begin (Song Premiere)


Every so often a band I had no prior knowledge of will show up in my inbox and gift me a song that swiftly knocks me backwards. A few weeks ago, Inside Voices became one of those rare bands. After making the move from Austin, TX to Brooklyn, NY, the band’s been gearing up for the release of their tremendous The Cold Equations EP, a record I’ll most certainly be circling back to at various points in the future.

Since Inside Voices are still a little-known name, they needed a hook to reel in an audience and The Cold Equations‘ opener, “Nomad: Begin”, is about as sharp as they come. Owing a debt to the magisterial sprawl of Cymbals Eat Guitars, “Nomad: Begin” finds a way to assert its own authority and make a startling impression. As the song slowly unfurls, it manages the delicate act of transforming from a gentle caress into an all-consuming roar.

It’s a staggering display of power and — just as importantly — nuance. As the rest of The Cold Equations will eventually attest, Inside Voices understand how to maximize impact via dynamic shifts, something easily evidenced in “Nomad: Begin”. That attention to atmospheric detail nearly distracts from legitimately compelling narratives, which often world-build as effectively as they present the kind of acutely-realized stories that often go untold.

Everything packaged together sees the band reaching a point of near sublimity on their first real trip to the plate. Not only does everything instantaneously connect, it gets sent hurtling outward with a demented vengeance. “Nomad: Begin” would register as an impressive feat for any band, let alone one that’s just starting to make their way out into the world. It’s the kind of song that reinvigorates my interest in both music and writing and it’s the kind of song you owe it to yourself to hear.

Listen to “Nomad: Begin” below and keep an eye on this site for more updates on both Inside Voices and The Cold Equations EP.