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The Best of November & December 2019

For the past 5+ years, I’ve been dividing this site’s content between three main platforms: Soundcloud, YouTube, and bandcamp. A rare Spotify link appeared on occasion for truly exceptional releases but I tried my best to avoid that situation entirely. I chose those three for ease of access and general convenience, as they seemed to provide a more direct way to unlock off-the-radar artists and their work, while not engaging in the casual classicism that’s built into paid subscription services. The extent of how much I used those sites will be revealed in the ensuing post, which may or may not break this site entirely, but to warm up, I’ll divide the best offerings of the past two months between those triangular points. Songs, music videos, and records are all accounted for and will be mixed in together. Click on anything and reap the rewards of that decision.






Deliluh – Rabbit (Stream)

2017’s Linger in the Afterlight suggested Deliluh could be a legitimate force and the band’s only grown sharper since its release. Oath of Intent, judging solely on the considerable merit of its advance singles, may be a dark horse contender for Album of the Year honors. “Freeloader Feast” saw the band operating in rare form but their most recent glimpse at their forthcoming record, “Rabbit”, is an absolute monster.

Wiry post-punk that wrings tension from every exacting note, “Rabbit” is the kind of song that’ll keep most listeners in a vice-like grip. Ought‘s earlier work immediately springs to mind due to the dynamics and delivery but that band was never this dark or unforgiving. Deliluh have tapped into something special here and will undoubtedly be worth paying very close attention to in the coming months. Don’t skip out on this one.

Listen to “Rabbit” below and pre-order Oath of Intent from Telephone Explosion here.