Palehound – Black Friday (Stream)

A name that’s no stranger to this site, Palehound has been a fixture of Heartbreaking Bravery’s coverage since around the time of its existence. Over that stretch, the band’s profile has only grown and the opportunities they’ve been afforded on that path have continue to expand along with their audience. Each of the records Palehound’s released have been exceptional and the same can be said of their latest, which is the most restrained work of their career by some distance.

One of the highlights of the record is its quiet — and quietly devastating — title track, which finds the band occupying territory not too dissimilar from Phoebe Bridgers‘ solo output (the melody of “Black Friday” and Bridgers’ “Scott Street” seem neatly intertwined). It’s a lovely song that simmers and finds bandleader Ellen Kempner exploring greater vulnerability. As transfixing as it is lovely, “Black Friday” is sure to be a sought-after staple of Palehound’s incredible live show for years to come.

Listen to “Black Friday” below and order a copy of the record from Polyvinyl here.