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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – As Always (Music Video)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah -

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have endured one of the stranger career arcs of recent memory but, thankfully, that hasn’t stopped them from making music. If the backlash and critical comedown they faced after the buzz from their much-adored self-titled debut had deterred them, they wouldn’t be on the verge of releasing what looks to be a fairly incredible record. The band had already shared a track featuring The National’s Matt Berninger which didn’t skimp on scuzz, which is a trend that continues on “As Always”. Additionally, they’ve released an alluring music video to accompany “As Always” that accentuates the song’s sense of unease to near-perfection.

Anchored by an engaging central performance from Will Daniels, the David M. Helman-directed clip blurs the boundaries between the naturalistic and surreal to great effect. Tracking the protagonist through a night on the town that’s filled with a quiet discontentment, it manages to become both a frightening character study as well as a cautionary warning. With the atmosphere of the clip heightened by the decision to present much of its arresting imagery through hazy exteriors, it becomes a magnetic force through its artfully positioned movements. By the climactic finish, just how harrowing everything that preceded it becomes clear- and everyone involved has something they have every right to be proud of.

Watch “As Always” below and make sure to pick up the band’s forthcoming album, Only Run, when it’s self-released on June 3.

New Swears – Midnight Lovers (Music Video)


Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever is the title of the upcoming New Swears record and “Midnight Lovers” is the first glimpse at what promises to be a raucous debauchery-fueled stomper of a record. The Ottawa quartet’s been making some waves for a while now but if the absolutely insane music video for “Midnight Lovers” is any indication, they’re about set to explode. It’d almost be a disservice to the video’s mania to attempt to confine it to something as trite as what really amounts to just a small blurb but to hell with it, let’s do it anyway.

“Midnight Lovers” as a music video is as frenetic as the song itself, suggesting both a defiant energy and a fuck-everything approach reminiscent of (really) early Black Lips. This includes, but is not limited to, rampant drug use, heavy drinking, nudity, a penchant for Jackass-style action, and the kind of fearlessness that comes with being totally willing to commit to just about anything. Balloons, guitars repurposed as snowboards, silly string, and girls in Senators shirts are all involved. There are times when it’s hard to remember this is a music video and not a collection of turn-of-the-century Thrasher clips (right down to the fisheye lens). Most importantly, it genuinely seems like the band’s having fun which is something the music video format could always use more of.

Watch “Midnight Lovers” below and then watch it again tomorrow. Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever will be available on Bachelor Records at a to-be-determined mid-summer date.