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Thin Lips – Carrot Milk (EP Review, Stream)

Thin Lips have built a career out of challenging expectations and Carrot Milk continues that arc.  Comprised of three tracks, Carrot Milk showcases the group’s burgeoning confidence in unexpected ways. From the opening minute of “Butterfield Road” it’s clear that Thin Lips are exercising a new level of restraint, which ultimately elevates the moments of catharsis. Everything on Carrot Milk is earned, including its own existence.

As a whole, it’s the sound of a band that’s taken control of their voice and realized that voice can be projected in different ways. Impressively, Carrot Milk winds up feeling more essential than experimental. Thin Lips is taking a brave step forward and unlocking more than a few enticing possibilities for their future in the process. One of 2019’s most heartening moments for a band that deserves all the success they can achieve.

Listen to Carrot Milk below and grab a name-your-price download here.

Nightjacket – You’re Trying Too Hard (Stream)

Last week saw the release of a handful of great songs and a few genuine standouts. Nightjacket’s shoegaze ripper “You’re Trying Too Hard” was one of those select cuts. Towering, cerebral, and impossibly lovely, “You’re Trying Too Hard” is classic shoegaze through-and-through, awash in reverb with heavenward guitar lines and syrupy vocals set against a backdrop of dreamy synths and a powerful rhythm section. Sharp edges and a tender center cement Nightjacket’s emergent status with the kind of effortless grace that informs their work. A triumph.

Listen to “You’re Trying Too Hard” below and pre-order Beauty in the Dark here.