Trust Fund (ft. Alanna McArdle) – Dreams (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Now that the site’s caught back up to the current release cycle it’s unlikely that there’ll be an overabundance of information being posted multiple times a day. Even with that being the case, today’s haul wound up producing a crop that proved to be strong to relegate to just one feature. There were standout releases in nearly every category that gets coverage here. On the visual side of things, Darkside’s concert film Psychic: Live and Izzy True’s “Absolute Troll” made sure the format was well represented. GUNK’s debut full-length proved to be an unexpected 2015 highlight and there were excellent new songs from Helado Negro, Luke Reed, and Philadelphia Collins (featuring Two Inch Astronaut‘s Sam Rosenberg).  

One of the days highlights came in the form of yet another collaboration between two site favorites: Trust Fund and Joanna Gruesome‘s ex-vocalist (and outstanding solo artist), Alanna McArdle. The pairing makes sense and the two central acts continue to play off each other with an easy finesse, tied up in a cyclical, complementary game. A hard-charging, twee-inflected burst of basement pop, “Dreams” is as good as anything in Trust Fund’s deeply impressive discography. McArdle retains the seemingly effortless wistfulness that permeated throughout Joanna Gruesome’s best work. In short: “Dreams” is unmissable and reaffirms the considerable talents of both parties.

Listen to “Dreams” below and keep an eye on this site for updates on music from both McArdle (who is continuing to make solo appearances following her departure from Joanna Gruesome) and Trust Fund.