Gurr – I Don’t Like You (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl


I’ve been living in Brooklyn for about three weeks now and had to devote most of yesterday to catching the site’s coverage up on the new music that came out in the post-move interim. This post, focusing exclusively on music videos to have surfaced this week, will be the first of three to run today. From that point forward, even with the implications of other obligations, I’ll be doing my best to keep this place as active and up-to-date as possible. So, now that a bunch of likely needless exposition is officially out of the way, let’s get to the clips.

Only two clips have caught my eye so far over the past two days and both kept leapfrogging each other for the distinction of this piece’s focus. While Lithuania‘s music video for “Hardcore Friends” had a lot of things going for it- including, but not limited to, an assist on vocals from Hop Along‘s Frances Quinlan and Field Mouse‘s Rachel Browne- it seemed more appropriate to give the spotlight to Gurr, an extremely promising emerging act who recently released one of 2015’s more exciting EP’s, Furry Dream.

A no-budget affair, the trio gave an insightful run-down of their machinations to The Le Sigh, who premiered the clip earlier today. The collage effect that they utilized suits the band’s more shambolic tendencies and helps the project come off as feeling surprisingly complete. A marriage of contemporary live footage and classic found footage neatly underscores the contrast found in the bright melodies and borderline cruel lyrical narrative. The whole thing’s a delight to take in and winds up as a surprisingly thought-provoking project. Pay close attention and you just might learn something.

Watch “I Don’t Like You” below and order Furry Dream here.