Two Inch Astronaut – Part Of Your Scene (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Not too long ago Two Inch Astronaut unleashed the title track off their forthcoming record, Foulbrood. It was a bold re-emergence, even for a band who regularly incorporates attention-commanding elements into their music. “Foulbrood” managed to ensure a very high level of expectation for the record that took the song’s name- and, rest easy, those expectations can safely be obliterated. Easily the band’s best work to date (which is saying quite a bit, considering the strength of Bad Brother). Another glimpse at just how good Foulbrood is surfaced yesterday in the form of “Part Of Your Scene”- the second track from the record and the first to have the unenviable task of following “Foulbrood” itself.

While “Foulbrood” stood out as one of the best songs of the past few months, it was just a small tease of an absolutely monstrous record; “Part Of Your Scene” elaborates on the record’s potential by emphasizing some of the band’s most gloriously harsh elements. In terms of style, it’s not too far separated from Greys‘ outstanding If Anything, while still managing to retain Two Inch Astronaut’s unique identity. Hard-hitting, left-field, and unpredictable, “Part Of Your Scene” is yet another perfect example of this band’s masterful grasp on dynamics in composition. All raw nerve and unfiltered exhilaration, it’s as strong of a follow-up to an incredible single as anyone could hope to hear. Exploding in Sound is set to release Foulbrood on November 25- and when that day comes, it’ll be a day worth celebrating.

Listen to “Part Of Your Scene” below and pre-order Foulbrood from Two Inch Astronaut’s bandcamp.