Grape St. – Free Stuff (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl


Today’s been another relatively quiet day for the kind of music that gets covered here, with two notable exceptions. First, there’s the defiantly great corporate sponsorship team-up that saw King Tuff being co-opted by Captain Morgan and produced by Harry Fraud, a prominent talent and product of New York’s rap scene. That the track, “Danger in the Dark” winds up being an easy career highlight for both King Tuff and Fraud is nothing short of weirdly miraculous and could pave the way for more intriguing collaboration possibilities from the King Tuff camp. On the music video side of the spectrum, there was a charming low-budget clip for Menace Beach‘s supremely catchy “Tennis Court“. Then, to top everything off, Burger Records offered up the hard-charging title track off Grape St.’s recently released Free Stuff EP.

“Free Stuff”, had it been released a few weeks prior, would have been a no-brainer inclusion for the Songs of Summer mixtape. It’s a sunny sub-two minute blast of punk-tinged powerop perfection, one that rides a jaunty progression and an energetic vocal performance into a noise-battered solo before bringing everything home with one last chorus. “Anthemic” almost doesn’t do it justice. All in all, it reveals Grape St. as a band with a taut grip on melody and structure, cementing Free Stuff as an EP that’ll be worth the purchase.

Listen to “Free Stuff” below and pick it up from Burger here.