White Lung – Face Down (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

It may be just over a month away but Deep Fantasy, White Lung’s Domino debut, just keeps sounding better. While “Drown With the Monster” and “Snake Jaw” were both bits of shrapnel intent on finding impact, “Face Down” takes things a step further. There’s just something about it that’s difficult to pinpoint; whether it’s the arrangement or the presentation or something else entirely, it’s one of the band’s most refined outings to date and it absolutely slays. Easily one of their best songs, it was given a no-fi video not all that dissimilar from the Dead Stars one that was featured here earlier today. Not much more than the band in a car and engaging in random shenanigans, it’s vibe’s closer to that of throwaway clips for skate parts than an official music video, giving it a feel that fits White Lung’s damage just right.

Watch “Face Down” below and try not to get arrested this year.