Priests – Right Wing (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Unless Tenement officially confirms a 2014 release date, the Don Giovanni LP to get most excited about definitely goes to another Heartbreaking Bravery favorite: PriestsBodies and Control and Money and Power (due out June 3rd) will be the band’s first release for the label and they’ve already released the first taste by way of “Right Wing”. Anyone familiar with the band shouldn’t be surprised by that title, as they’re one of the more fiercely political bands on their respective circuit right now. A lot of those politics are fairly apparent in vocalist Katie Alice Greer’s commendable work as The Media‘s interviews contributor. Another thing that won’t come as a surprise to those lucky enough to already be on board with the band: “Right Wing” is an aggressive piece of post-punk minimalism.

What does come of a bit as a surprise is how clean “Right Wing” sounds. Previously, the band’s penchant for the most blown-out lo-fi recording was one of their calling cards, so to make the jump to something as immaculately produced as “Right Wing” without losing any of their reckless abandon is a considerable feat. Make no mistake, this is still very much a Priests song- it feels as dangerous and barely-stable as anything the quartet’s committed to tape, carving out the same exhilarating territory despite existing in a completely different sonic realm (not too unlike Tweens’ Frenchkiss debut). A completely fuzzed out bass helps retain some of the band’s lo-fi aesthetic and the clean guitars go to work on cutting everything apart, drums urging them both forward as Greer acts as the vessel to provide the maelstrom with some sense of direction, even when completely consumed by it. It’s thrilling, vital, and maybe even necessary. Here’s hoping the band winds up with the attention they deserve.

Hear the catchy, infectious “Right Wing” below and make sure to give Popstrangers’ first taste of their upcoming album Fortuna (due out May 27th via Carpark Records), “Country Kills“, a listen as well- it was nearly the focus of this piece but Priests haven’t been covered as extensively here. Their was also no way in hell “Right Wing” wasn’t going to get a write-up, one listen and the understanding of that should be immediate. Listen to one, listen to the other, it doesn’t matter- but really, listening to both is the best-case scenario and the one that should definitely be chosen. Make the right choice. Enjoy.