Diarrhea Planet – Babyhead (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

It was an unusually active on the streams-and-music videos front for a Friday and today saw the releases of several great entries in both categories. There was the Stereogum premiere of a new Geronimo! rager, the first glimpse of the forthcoming Swans record, and another promising glimpse at Dark Arc– Saintseneca’s upcoming Anti- debut, courtesy of Clash Music. Additionally, there were some noteworthy music videos, including both the NSFW blood-hued nightmare dreamed up for WTCHS’ “Over Kilmer” and the welcoming psychedelic haze of Night Beats’ “Hidden Circle“. While all of that is definitely worth looking into, today belonged to one thing and one thing only: Diarrhea Planet’s gloriously inspired video for I Am Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams standout “Babyhead”.

Really, sometimes there just aren’t words to do justice to an experience. All that can really be said at this point is that everyone else attempting to make ‘The Year’s Best Video’ should probably just call it quits now and wait until January rolls around. Confused? Good. Not confused, just intrigued? Even better. Watch it below and become the most enlightened person on the face of the planet. And people say rock n’ roll is dead.