White Lung – Drown With the Monster (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

White lung have been beating their own path for a while now, fearlessly flying forward and leave in a trail of flames in their wake. In the most recent example of this, they’ve unleashed the video for “Drown With the Monster” off of their upcoming Domino debut 7″ of the same name. In the clip they take their brooding post-punk to a level of intensity that’s impressively become standard territory for the band. There’s no shortage of frustration in Mish Way’s impassioned yells or in the bands propulsive nature; everything here is short and precise, landing each blow with considerable weight. The video itself is a live performance clip that’s not flashy, just effective, mirroring the band’s MO. Watch “Drown With the Monster” below and hang on for dear life.