together PANGEA – Offer (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

together PANGEA recently saw their third record, Badillac, released officially on Harvest Records and awaiting a cassette release on the increasingly prolific Fullerton label Burger Records (pre-orders available). Badillac marks a major uptick for the band’s production value- a value which used to reside comfortably in the gutter back when they were just called Pangea. It’s also one of the best records to find a January release and will likely still be among the very best records of the year come June and possibly December. Anticipation for Badillac had been steadily building since the gonzo blitz of the music video for “Snakedog” and now the band’s poised to capitalize on that interest now that the record’s actually out. This is where the beguiling video for “Offer” comes in.

“Offer”, directed by Ada Rajkovic and Kaya Yusi (operating under the name Lonely Highways), is full of vaguely sinister undertones that emphasize the song’s introspective tendencies more completely than anyone was probably expecting. Depending on how it’s viewed, “Offer” can play like a nightmarish collage of people temporarily losing their minds or like a lost paean to all of the weird shit that happens on a long, exhausting tour. There’s a sense of intrigue that immediately pulls the rug out from beneath the viewer and keeps them hooked throughout as quickly intercut scenes of band members kissing and people projectile spewing liquid into each others mouths goes by at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip. If anything, “Offer” is the fullest and most honest visual representation of together PANGEA’s aesthetic to date. Give in to curiosity and watch it below.