Sneak Peek: Failures’ Union, Neighborhood Brats, Corrections (Streams)

by Steven Spoerl

Apologies for the short post but there’s only so much that can be done in a day- especially when that day includes a four-hour drive to see Split Feet, Broken Prayer, and Perfect Pussy. That said, there’s a whole lot out there that deserves to be heard and over the past week, a few sites have unveiled some doozies. Expect all three of these bands or records to get extended coverage from this site in the near-future. Until then, it’s highly-encouraged listening material. First up, there’s the new Failures’ Union LP, Tethering, which is getting a joint-release courtesy of Sheets of Ten and Dead Broke Rekerds. Tethering is a necessary shake-up of the pop-punk genre that sounds similar to Cheap Girls re-appropriating early Weezer. It’s a vicious little piece of unbridled aggression and depth. It’s available for streaming via New Noise Magazine. There’s also the sugar-rush hardcore-leaning EP from Neighborhood Brats that recalls the Riot Grrl movement and the best of Midwest DIY all at once. It’s four tracks and an absolute joy. It’s called Total Dementia and can be streamed over at Punknews. Finally, there’s Corrections’ absolutely brilliant Year One which is available for streaming through StereogumYear One is a discography-so-far compilation that plays like Under the Bushes, Under the Stars given a modern update. The Corrections compilation arrives ahead of the groups third LP, which is due out at some point in 2014. These 32 tracks should prove more than enough to tide anyone over. Well, that’s it for now. Get to listening.