Eagulls – Possessed (Stream)

by Steven Spoerl

Eagulls have been releasing a slow, steady stream of material from their upcoming self-titled full length (due out on March 3rd via Partisan Records) for some time now. While a few of those songs managed to impress, they didn’t leave much of an impression. “Possessed” makes a correction on that in the fiercest manner possible. Even the way the word the song was named after gets spit out, syllable by syllable with a stutter rhythm on the first- is enough to prompt a genuine reaction. Outside of that, though, the guitars come off sounding louder than ever, with the rhythm section intent on obliterating everything in their path. Shoegaze and post-punk are still going through a bit of a renaissance period, feeling each other out and making sure all of the gaps are bridged; “Possessed” is another thrilling example of a band finding just the right way to connect them. Advanced buzz on Eagulls has been strong, with many comparing it to the likes of Loveless and Psychocandy. If “Possessed” is more indicative than the songs that have preceded it, hearing Eagulls in the same conversation as those aforementioned classics may end up seeming more natural than blasphemous. Only about a month left until everyone gets to find out. Until then, crank the volume high enough to annihilate a speaker system, and listen to “Possessed” below.