Happy Holidays (Video Playlist)

by Steven Spoerl

While this site’s holiday mixtape eschewed things like happiness and familial resolve in favor of uncertainty and depression, there are certain songs out there (though Burger did a hell of a job trying to cover literally everything) that deserve being touched upon. Take some time to check a few of them, both bitter and sweet, out below.  There’s an extra bonus track at the very bottom for those looking to move on to the next thing. Enjoy- and have a happy holidays.

Reigning Sound – If Christmas Can’t Bring You Home

The Royal Guardsmen – Snoopy’s Christmas

Descendents – Christmas Vacation

Run the Jewels – A Christmas Fucking Miracle

Sparks – Thank God It’s Not Christmas

Future of the Left – The Real Meaning of Christmas

And, finally, one for anyone just drifting along absentmindedly, looking for the next thing to latch on to.

Tom Waits – New Year’s Eve