Burger to Release Night Drives Debut

by Steven Spoerl

Night Drives cover art

Has any label done as much this year as Burger Records? At this point, it’s sincerely doubtful. As a testament to their restlessness, the fact that there are only two weeks left in the year has done absolutely nothing to slow them down. They’re also not ones to dabble in the politics of AotY lists and, as such, the quality of their most recent projects hasn’t been detrimental to their normal standard.

Burger has recently announced that they will be releasing the debut tapes from The Bam Bams and Night Drives. While the former is a worthwhile entry into their catalog, the latter is an absolute monster reminiscent of Thomas Function’s best work. Night Drives’ debut packs enough hooks, originality, and quality songwriting into the 11 songs on their debut that a lot of people might be upset they published their year-end lists as early as they did. It’s another must-purchase from a label that has a seemingly endless wellspring of them.

There’s no word on an official physical release for either yet but both The Bam Bams and Night Drives debuts are available for streaming in full over at Burger’s bandcamp (also referred to as their Dig It All site). Night Drives’ incredible self-titled effort can also be streamed below.