Burger Streams Velvet Underground Tribute Compilation

by Steven Spoerl


Burger Records, no strangers to coverage on this site, have gone ahead with their zillionth noteworthy item this year; a full stream of their just-released tribute to Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat . While the release does cover all six tracks, it’s no quick cash-grab. Each track is packed to the gills with loving admiration and it’s clear a lot of care went into its making. Only one of the bands here turns in a completely faithful cover, while the majority turn in loving appropriations that suit their respective sounds. Each track and approach culminates in an unflinchingly honest and perfectly-crafted tribute piece.

Of the six tracks, the clear standout seems to be from Netherlands punks Mozes & the Firstborn. Their cover of “Lady Godiva’s Operation” continues an unlikely winning streak the band kicked off earlier this year with the release of their outrageously catchy self-titled record. “Lady Godiva’s Operation” is far from the only reason to listen to this tribute compilation, though.

All of this release is worthwhile, with each band taking memorable turns in a time of remembrance. From Natural Child to Gap Dream, Burger’s roster is well-represented. Curtis Harding, The Memories, and Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel are the three bands round out Burger’s cast for this release. Everything on display here comes together and points to one unshakable fact; Lou Reed may be gone but his legacy won’t be forgotten.

Listen to Burger’s tribute below and purchase it from the label here.