Burger Releases MCII on Cassette

by Steven Spoerl

This post is going to be a bit of an anomaly in the annals of Heartbreaking Bravery’s run but it’s news worth reporting on; Burger Records’ long-promised tape release of Mikal Cronin’s MCII is (finally) here. Cronin and Burger have a long history together and their respective successes seem to have directly influenced the success of the other. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship and the fact that it’s continuing is reason for celebration.

MCII‘s tape release is perfectly-timed for those who needed a refresher on one of the year’s best records before compiling year-end lists. With snow cloaking much of the upper Midwest, it’s also a welcome reminder of warmer times. Head on over to Burger’s store now to pick up a record that deserves to be owned on every available format and hear MCII‘s gorgeous closing track (and one of the year’s best songs), “Piano Mantra”, below.