Vånna Inget – Inga frågor Inga svar (Music Video)

by Steven Spoerl

Vånna Inget are the latest band to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that great music is universal. Hailing from Sweden, they’ve already built up an impressive discography of exquisitely-crafted basement pop. While there are some subtle shoegaze and no wave elements incorporated into their music, the production value and fearlessness the band manages to exude separate them from their closest contemporaries. After releasing a straight-up classic with 2011’s Allvar, they’ve  followed it up with a darker variation on a record just as good; Ingen Botten.  Both Ingen Botten and the music video for lead-off single “Inga frågor Inga svar” are deserving of immediate attention. ” Inga frågor Inga svar” doesn’t contain much more than vocalist Karolina Engdahl walking and driving in a storm but it’s suffused with an overpowering sense of melancholy and a fair amount of inexplicable suspense. It’s all beautifully shot and immensely compelling considering its apparent simplicity. Watch the  strangely haunting video below.