All Dogs – 7″ (Review)

Salinas records has been on an absolute tear this year, adding to an already impressive track record with some of 2013’s best records. One of their most recent products is a four song 7″ from Columbus indie punk trio All Dogs. All four tracks are standouts that expand on the promise of their side of a split tape with Slouch from earlier this year. While the band still does manage to sound a little too close to Swearin’ sometimes (especially the ridiculously Crutchfield-esque vocals), that’s never an unwelcome thing and not too surprising, considering they share a label.

All Dogs open their 7″ with a nostalgia-heavy line of damaged romanticism, begging for some sort of escape: “I want to go back to the days we were wild, i want you to look at me with that old smile. The one that means there’s something on your mind. Come on, let’s see what kind of trouble we’ll find.” Desire for a form of escape manages to be the central theme of these four tracks and seems to be recurring from their split tape with Slouch.  As a lyrical theme it plays well into All Dogs’ take on 90’s indie punk, which is played a lot more loose than their labelmates’. Together, their particular brand of revivalism and introspective lyrics add up to a quietly devastating effect, not too dissimilar from what Waxahatchee has been accomplishing with their recent live performances.

“Say”, the record’s last track, is the best example of this marriage and knock-on effect. Lyrically, it’s their most simplistic work to date but also manages to be the most arresting. Minimalism done right can work wonders and “Say” is no exception, with lead personality Maryn Jones (also a member of Saintseneca) pleading for someone to hear her out. Those cries of “I still have something to say”, beg for someone to listen. With their early releases being as strong as they’ve been, it may end up being more difficult to find those turning a blind ear to All Dogs than those who are willing to invest in them. On that level, at least, Jones shouldn’t have to beg any longer.

You can purchase All Dogs’ 7″ from Salinas and hear it below.